Living Up the Rhythm

Music can be seen as the language that springs from that part of a human being where no words can reach. It is considered as the thread that connects the members of a certain race, even if they are scattered all over the world. It is the pail that dips into one's reservoir of memories and effectively brings to mind an event that has long been deemed forgotten.

It is no wonder, then, how a beat that originated in the Caribbean islands long ago has found itself in a modern UK landscape. Calypso, along with its related rhythms, began when the natives of Trinidad created the steel drum. The steel drum, also called a "pan," has since become the voice of the Caribbean locals. Its beats pulse from island to island in celebration of life, sun, sea and freedom.

Today, we celebrate such sentiments with the beat of these drums, too. That is why our band plays at weddings, parties and various other significant celebrations. We are aware that music is an integral part of every feast, just as it weaves its ribbons through our daily routines. So, we have dedicated this section to the discussion of sound. In this part of our site, you will find nuggets of information about the music industry. You will read articles that talk about the impact of music in various areas of life at home and in business. You will also be able to read about the other lifestyle aspects upon which one's favourite melodies exert such a significant influence.





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