Solid Steel - Teambuilding

We are often required to provide fun workshops for adults in a corporate setting.
If it’s an activity as part of a Family Fun Day our steel band is often required to perform as well.

We also have experience, though, in tailoring more serious team building sessions for both public organisations and businesses. We understand the different demands of this special kind of music workshop and know how to organise team building effectively, according to the numbers of participants and the time that is made available to us.

Our team building experience ensures that in these sessions work colleagues will have to learn from each other, recognising the skills in each other that will best achieve the common musical goals that we set them.

Corporate Steel Band Workshops

Groups will be encouraged to select leaders based on their suitability and to organise those best suited for the different skills of playing melody, harmony, bass and percussion. In so doing, we’ll do our best to encourage bonding within the group and a competitive spirit when the teams compete against each other!

We know how to foster the motivation, communication, support and trust within a team that is required for a successful steel band performance. A winning team- fairly judged by the participants themselves- will emerge, but everybody participating will benefit from the experience. So, everyone’s a winner!

Our Goals

In no particular order, we aim to....

  • Motivate every single participant
  • Have them gain an understanding and respect for the steel band, its origins and the Caribbean people
  • Promote the benefits of cultural diversity
  • Help them feel a sense of achievement having learnt a musical part
  • Build their confidence and assertiveness
  • Improve their performance within ‘tight’ time constraints
  • Have them bond and develop a strong team ethic

Team Building with Steel Drumming

  • Have them communicate better with their colleagues irrespective of their position within the ‘hierarchy’- real or imagined!
  • Put a broad grin on everybody’s face!
  • Key Information
  • Experienced facilitators
  • All instruments provided
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • CRB Checked

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