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In recent years demand has grown for our steel pan musicians to teach our instrument to individuals or facilitate the learning of basic steel band skills to groups of both children and adults.

As a fully qualified secondary school teacher myself, I’m fully committed to ensuring the highest teaching standards are maintained whether we’re being hired to run our popular steel band workshops in schools or contracted to manage steel band teambuilding activities for our corporate clients. 

Music and Steel Drum Workshops

A chance for learning, communicating, understanding…and having fun!
Our interactive ‘steel band workshops’ (we prefer this term as it immediately identifies the team ethic we foster) are also known as ‘steel pan workshops’ or ‘steel drum workshops’. They represent a fantastic opportunity for active learning with people taking part in an activity that is a lot of fun.
If you are an educational institution like a school wishing to enrich the curriculum of your students or a corporate enterprise introducing innovative methods to motivate your employees, we can fashion the right music workshop for you with the Caribbean drums we call ‘steel pans’.

The Steel Pan

The steel pan is a very special instrument in terms of its suitability for both teaching and learning.

Producing a note is easy. People love hitting drums, because the sonic rewards are so immediate and satisfying.

With steel pans, because they are tuned percussion instruments, participants have the added thrill of producing tones for actual songs.

Our professional facilitators can have total novices playing something very recognisable at the end of a workshop session!


Suit any audience

Our steel band workshops suit any group or audience regardless of age or ability and indeed can prove particularly beneficial to:

  • Pre-schools
  • KS2 and KS3 students
  • SEN
  • Inset Days
  • Extended Schools
  • Parent and Child Creative Workshops
  • Fundraising
  • Team Building
  • Corporate Seminars
  • Motivation Programmes
  • International Evenings

Schools and Colleges

During our visits to schools and colleges we give the students an opportunity to learn a little about the colourful history of steel drums or 'pans' and how they are made and tuned. This may be done in individual classes, year groups, or indeed assemblies involving the entire school.

We will then, of course, demonstrate how our instruments are played choosing the right tunes with which our audience can identify so as to encourage as much enthusiastic participation as possible. Primary school children may well enjoy 'Incy, Wincy Spider', or 'The Wheels On The Bus', but trust us, 'Match Of The Day' goes down much better at a secondary boys' school!

Of course, we'll also briefly demonstrate the sonic differences between the different instruments to make our audience's experience as musically educational as it will be multicultural and entertaining.

So we're always looking for a nod of approval from the school's Head of Music, as well!

Then it's time for our young audience to have a go themselves and get to play in their own steel band! This will immediately provide the right stimulus to conquer shyness and lack of assertiveness. At the same time, we will promote the children's social and emotional development as well as improving their motivation for learning.

How all this is organised very much depends on the numbers of children involved and how much time is available.
We offer 2 basic music workshop formats consisting of the following:

  • A couple of steel band workshop facilitators and at least 15 steel drums.
  • 3 or 4 professional steel band musicians who would bring their own steel band instruments on which to instruct the kids.

The first steel drum workshop package is more suited to handling larger classes with little 'performance', as such required from our facilitators. The second package is more suited to high quality presentations including performances, but with smaller workshops. Even so, within each format we can show a lot of flexibility to cater for your specific requirements.

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