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Steel band hire for events in Buckinghamshire

Welcome to the world of Solid Steel, our professional steel band for hire for events in Buckinghamshire- and welcome to… the reliable sound of sunshine! Please explore the exceptional work we do at events nationwide which includes weddings, corporate & other events and music workshops.

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What Our Clients Say

Roy Watson, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Paul’s sister and band came down from Manchester. Charming people – arrived on time, wonderful acoustic steel band. Set up a great atmosphere for our garden party. Really made the day. Did everything it said on the tin ! Totally professional and well recommended.

Mary Jones, Sheffield

Been meaning to email you to say the band were brilliant- THANK YOU. Will come back to you again!

Brockenhurst, Hants

Hope you & the guys are well. Would have got back to you sooner but we’ve just got back from our honeymoon (had a fantastic time). We both wanted to say a massive thanks to you for playing at our wedding. You made it very special & made a great atmosphere. We really enjoyed it & would definitely recommend you. We both had a perfect day. As you know John’s Grandad had a ball haha. Sorry I didn’t manage to come & speak to you personally on the day, Paul,. I so wanted to come over & tell you guys how lovely it was to have you there on our special day. Take care, Bernie Cunningham

Love Charlotte and Ryan, Herts

I’m sorry that this is terribly late but we just wanted to say a massive thank you for playing at our wedding at Tewin Bury Farm, Welwyn on Thurs 29th July. You were AMAZING and everybody was commenting on how fantastic you were. You really made our wedding reception special and the atmosphere magical! Thank you again for all your hard work.

Ian & Magda, Gloucestershire

Thank you to the trio which played at our wedding. They were fantastic and everyone loved it. We would definitely recommend you and book you again.

Sandy Stewart, Manchester

Just wanted to say a BIG THANKS! to Solid Steel, the band played at my engagement party and gave a great performance!, Thanks again for helping make the day a special one!

John & Bernie, New Forest, Dorset

A massive thank you to you guys for playing at our wedding. You were fantastic, everyone had a great time. You made it a very happy & relaxed atmosphere for our drinks reception. Would definitely recommend you. Look forward to booking you again for one of our Anniversaries.

The Shaw family, Cuckfield, West Sussex

Just a quick note to thank you so much for organising the band at our son’s Christening at Cuckfield Golf Course. The music reminded us of our previous Caribbean holidays. With the sun shining and a few rum punches inside us, we were almost back on those glorious golden sandy beaches. Many thanks once again

Trevor Headley, Sunshine Caribbean Catering, Surrey

Paul Cherrie and crew are the most professional band I know and have worked with – no question.

Elaine Lawrie, Guernsey

Thank you so much for your entertaining set in Guernsey. The audience loved the limbo and the crowd participation with the dancers. You were great and made it more than just another corporate event.

Rachel & Aidan Norris, Ipswich

Solid Steel played at our wedding earlier this month in Suffolk, it was an usual choice for the location but it went down so well, all the guests and the staff at the venue loved them, I can’t praise them enough. Hope they go on to have a wonderful and long career

Lorna Smith

Solid Steel played at our wedding and they were amazing, we all loved them. They performed so well and got everybody in the mood for dancing later.

Mr & Mrs Baker, Essex

Solid Steel played at our wedding and they were fantastic ! We’ve had many guests comment on how good they were. I would fully recommend this band.

Rebecca, London

Big thanks to Solid Steel for performing at our UKTV company Christmas party. They were fab and great to find a steel band that plays Christmas Carols so well!

Natalie Hopper, Leicester

I would just like to say a big thank you for making our wedding so Special

WMS, Windsor, Berks

Many thanks for a fantastic evening, you all managed to brighten up a chilly evening. Would have no hesitation in recommending you. Thanks again!

Dave and Ann Collins, Essex

We had the band at our 50th birthday party, just what we wanted- it was superb. Our guests have given a big thumbs up to the band. We also had a Limbo dancer, supplied by Paul from Solid Steel. 5 Star awesome. Thank you.

Nicola and Jeremy Bard, London

Paul and the crew played a fabulous set for our son’s BarMitzvah. They kicked our Caribbean party off with rhythm and swing. Kaniki limboed like a man made of rubber, the kids thought he was amazing. Would definitely use them all again.

Rachel Bliss, London

Solid Steel played at our wedding on Saturday 27th September in London. They created a great party atmosphere with wonderful music and big smiles! Lots of our guests commented on how much they had enjoyed their performance. I would definitely use Solid Steel again.

Susan Maynard, Modbury, Devon

We have just arrived home and wanted to thank you and your great steel band for providing a wonderful day for Nigel’s 60th. He was overwhelmed. We were also lucky to have great weather on the day which gave us all the feeling that we were actually in the Caribbean!! Thanks again.

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Common Buckinghamshire steel band hire FAQs

A professional steel band in Buckinghamshire

A ‘steel band’ also bears the names ‘steel drum band’ and ‘steel pan band’ online. This is to distinguish it from what Americans call what we would call a ‘steel ring’ that is worn on the finger. Although this may be true, the correct term is ‘steel band’ and the best way of defining it is to describe it as a group of musicians of which the majority play ‘steel pans’. ‘Steel pans’ is the favoured term of the Caribbean folk of Trinidad where these inventions came from. People outside Trinidad more often call them ‘steel drums’, however.

Furthermore, we are ‘professional’ because you can hire our steel band for Buckinghamshire and we are in the full-time business of providing clients all sorts of steel pan-playing performances and workshop experiences.

Finally, the founder of the band, Paul Cherrie, is a British professional musician of second generation Caribbean (specifically Trinidadian) heritage with 40 years of experience in leading bands and 35 years experience of the administration and management of their successful performance.

A community steel band in Buckinghamshire

A community steel band is one which is open to all members of a local community. This is, of course, regardless of whether that community has members who are of Caribbean heritage or not. It does not require an audition to join. Consequently, members of the general public can attend band rehearsals and receive instruction on the skills required to perform specific musical pieces on a specific steel band instrument. The bands’ funding is largely by any combination of government grants, private sponsorship and band membership subscriptions. Furthermore, some may also fund themselves by registering as charities.

However, irrespective of their funding, all of them are duty-bound to serve their own communities with concert performances and workshops that are readily available. It’s important to realise that community bands like to ‘brand’ themselves visually, as they tend to wear their own band’s name and logo on their t-shirts and instruments eg. “Pantastic Steel Band Buckinghamshire”. Unquestionably, they do wonderful work and the sound of as many as 50 people playing together is a wondrous thing. Undeniably it is important to realise, also, that their business is not- nor should it be- to play at a private event for a professional fee.

Despite the possibility that some of Solid Steel’s players over the years became professional-level players having once played in community steel bands in Buckinghamshire, most have not. The reason for this is that a community steel band in Buckinghamshire- or anywhere else- is open to everyone regardless of their musical ability and playing music professionally should require exceptional talent.

A Buckinghamshire steel band that can include vocals

There may be perhaps as many as 90% of all clients who only want to hear steel bands in Buckinghamshire play instrumentally without vocals. Nonetheless, on request, you can hire our steel band including professional-level vocalists who sing whilst playing steel pans/drums and who carry equipment for that.

This equipment needs to be easily portable and these days Solid Steel’s amplification is mostly battery-powered, light and easy to set up- even in outside staging areas.

In conclusion, the option to include vocals with a steel band is a rare thing indeed in Buckinghamshire- but one we are very happy to provide!

Steel pan makers and steel drum tuners for Buckinghamshire

We don’t make our own steel drums because there are specialist UK steel pan makers and steel pan tuners who supply and maintain our steel band instruments for performances in Buckinghamshire.

Nonetheless, we can supply you with the pan making and pan tuning services we recommend as pan-playing professionals on request- for prices lower than you would be able to get from direct contact with these experts.

Our steel band for all Buckinghamshire events

We travel all over the country and abroad with our steel band and not just in Buckinghamshire. We do this playing fully live at events with (but mostly without!) a tropical theme to audiences. These events include Caribbean nights, private parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, product and project launches etc.

Hence, we deliver to prestigious and not-so-prestigious venues as diverse as hotels, festivals, schools, tv and radio studios, village halls, shopping centres, pubs and restaurants.

A steel band for virtual events

Yes, we most certainly do play for virtual events!

It would be easy for musicians to fall behind, technologically-speaking, in the world in which we now find ourselves since the start of the pandemic. On the contrary, in comparison with many other steel bands Solid Steel has always embraced changes in technology and endeavoured to make these changes work for our clients- and stay ahead of our field.

The notion of live virtual events is obviously a relatively new one but we believe that there can’t be many steel bands that have done this kind of work at such a high level as us. As an illustration, we have even delivered a highly successful livestream performance for Cisco on one of their WebEx events.

Steel drum background music in Buckinghamshire

We’re in high demand as an acoustic (unplugged!) steel band and particularly as a trio. This format was first established in London in the 1950s, so it’s very much a London invention pretty much in the way that Balti cooking is the invention of Asians in Birmingham. The Cherrie family were among the first to bring it to Buckinghamshire. Perhaps this helps to explain why our trio is so very natural and organic and with a timeless quality only other acoustic groups like string quartets can aspire to.

Another key point is that the Solid Steel trio, in particular, uses the best musicians playing the highest quality of steel band instruments to achieve the best sound and achieve the right balance of the key elements of music- melody, harmony, bass and percussion. Following that, we then choose suitably melodic material such as traditional calypsos and Caribbean folk music with Latin and popular ‘standards’ fleshing out our repertoire. Needless to say we don’t always play as a trio. Because as much as we love that particular line-up, it’s not always suitable.

Steel drum music for dancing in Buckinghamshire

It’s important to note that there are several steel bands who advertise their hire services in Buckinghamshire and throughout the UK. Even so, no other steel band and only a few function or wedding bands can offer greater flexibility in terms of size and format that Solid Steel offers. This is clearly apparent when you consider how we try and give our clients the Caribbean steel band that they want and freely advise them of the best options to take based on our vast experience in the business.

Sometimes we’re booked to play sessions for dancing because we are so versatile. There have been many times in the past when we’ve played as a steel trio, especially with vocals, when our audiences have danced to us. However, this is far from guaranteed and younger audiences especially find steel band trios too ‘light’ rhythmically and arguably often prefer us to work with a bass guitar and a drummer in a bigger steel band (if ‘steel band’ is still the right name for you- we prefer ‘steel combo’!) with a heavier rhythm. Nonetheless, we would always advise our clients to take this option only if their budget is suited to it. Under those circumstances, we’d be sure to pack the dance floor!

One final point to make is that we don’t always play as a band, because we also offer solo and duo options that can be either ‘unplugged’ and fully live or performances using backing tracks. All the same, these options best suit the smallest of events, the smallest of client budgets and virtual events.

Caribbean music and beyond

It’s important to note that most traditional steel bands, especially first generation Caribbean steel bands like ‘The Cherry Pickers’, will principally play ‘Caribbean Folk’ music. This consists of calypso (the national folk music of Trinidad & Tobago) and Harry Belafonte-styled ‘island music’. They will in addition play some old Latin-American ‘standards’. Without reservation, we also still love these songs and when hired as a fully-instrumental and unplugged acoustic steel band really enjoy playing these wonderful melodies.

But, equally important, we also meet the modern demand for our steel band to play the pop and reggae in Buckinghamshire that is familiar to younger audiences and are the most requested genres these days. Luckily for us, because we offer vocals within the band itself, we’re a better fit as a steel band to meet the demand for modern pop covers. After all, some of these covers might be unrecognisable to your ears if they are just played instrumentally on steel drums!

Steel band sound files and videos

We have an extensive library of sound files and videos online that feature our steel band performing ‘live’- sometimes in Buckinghamshire.

Although not all are of the high quality technically that we believe the quality of our playing deserves, they do fulfill our principle objective. This is to let you, as a prospective client, know what any particular band line-up is going to sound like at your event bar the acoustic environment of your staging.

Playing song requests

Most song requests are fairly easy to play on steel pans- with a few exceptions!

We tend to get requests mostly for songs that aren’t Caribbean- like pop songs. As a top professional steel band, we pride ourselves in being able to do this. Especially if you choose one that includes vocals, because not all pop melodies are very recognisable if musicians just paly them instrumentally on the steel pans.

Unless we don’t know your tune and don’t consider it suitable to play on future engagements, we will freely add it to our already extensive repertoire.

Please be aware that as versatile an instrument as the steel pan is, we like to reference its folk roots too, so we will always include some Caribbean songs at your event.

We can send you a list of our entire repertoire, but what we will be able to play best is reliant on the line-up you book. Fundamentally, we will always try to play the right material for you at the right volume regardless of how many steel band musicians you hire for your event in Buckinghamshire.

A steel band for background music

We can play Spotify playlists in our breaks if you book us to play with amplification or to include vocals.

Additionally, we can also bring in extra equipment to accommodate you, even if you only book us to play ‘unplugged’ as an all-acoustic steel band.

We would prefer if you play your own choice of music through our system using your phone, tablet or laptop if the music is only going to play at a background level for the ambience of your event. However, if you want music that’s more prominent or requires more specialist knowledge of Caribbean music, we will be happy to DJ for you!

Our steel band’s volume control

The band’s volume is partly dependent on the size of our band and whether it is using any amplification.

It is one of life’s great paradoxes that there is a large group of people who learn that steel bands are much quieter than they expect at their event. Meanwhile, there is an equally large group who learn that steel band are much louder than they expect at their event.

This is a pleasant surprise for both groups as I suspect they most likely feared the worst!

Sensitive professional musicians like those in Solid Steel who respond to the needs of specific events in Buckinghamshire and elsewhere are often to blame for this surprise!

A compact steel band for Buckinghamshire

Please provide a minimum of 1.5m x 1.5m for each steel pan player playing a single pan, on average- unless the band is socially distancing, of course.

Pan Roun’ Neck steel band in Buckinghamshire

Very few steel bands offer this roaming or strolling steel band format, but we do!

We use musicians who offer the ‘pan roun’ neck’ method of playing the steel pan – with the single pan hanging on a strap from the neck of each player. This ‘pan roun’ neck’ way of playing is the oldest, most authentic method of playing steel drums.

However, with our heavier modern steel instruments roaming is physically demanding, so we do place some restrictions on how long we can do this for and over what distance.

We still enjoy it, however, as for short impact performances and parades this is a real crowd-pleaser!

A Caribbean looking steel band for Buckinghamshire

In the eyes of many people the steel pan is principally a folk instrument. Consequently, there is an overwhelming demand for our professional Caribbean steel band to look ‘authentic’.

The stereotypical Caribbean person is dark and wears dreadlocks for many foreigners who have never been to that part of the world. But the real Caribbean look isn’t at all like the stereotype!

With minimal research you will find that in most of the Caribbean islands, and particularly in Trinidad, the real Caribbean look is more diverse with a lot of mixed and intermixed ethnicities.

Trinidad is a real melting pot with East Indian principally, then African, Mixed, European, Chinese and Syrian ethnicities and Solid Steel’s musicians do tend to reflect this. We do look a lot like a cross-section of Trinidadian society’s racial mix- some older, some younger, some darker skinned, some lighter skinned. Disproportionately male, we must admit- but we’re working on that!

At this moment, all of our players have some element of African ethnicity. But there are some outstanding white steel pan players in the UK and we will hire the next white musician in our band on the grounds of his or her talent and not discriminate against him or her on the grounds of race. If he or she plays great calypso, Latin, reggae, jazz et al in an authentic style on a steel pan or any other of our band’s instruments – that’s what should matter most.

A professional looking steel band

In terms of costume, unless we are told otherwise, we will assume that you would prefer our band to dress suitably for a Caribbean theme. Some guidance from you on the basis of photos on this site, however, will help guide us specifically to any choices you prefer.

Again, there is another European stereotype in play. Many people like steel bands to wear multi-coloured, loud, short sleeved shirts with prints that include figures of palm trees and hula dancers. But no-one walks down a street anywhere in the Caribbean wearing a Hawaiian-style shirt! Oh, hang on, I just remembered. Some of them do. And the locals have a name for them too. They’re called ‘tourists’.

So when people ask us to dress ‘authentically’, what they want 99% of the time is for us to dress like tourists who are holidaying in the Caribbean. However, if their event has a Caribbean-theme, all of the guests will then have a similar costume to us! We really don’t mind doing this and always will if you specifically request this.

Left to our own devices, though, we often wear something that looks ‘stagey’, but also references our cultural heritage. Trinidad is the true home of steel band music, but there’s no national dress to speak of. So we like to take it back a little further to West Africa.

Other than this option, we tend to co-ordinate our look with bright, and sometimes fluorescent colours or sometimes clients asked us to wear all white. We guarantee any of these options will look great on us when you hire our steel band!

Steel Drum Teachers for Buckinghamshire

Solid Steel’s founder, Paul Cherrie, is a teacher with a PGCE qualification and it’s his policy to maintain the highest teaching standards whether you choose to hire our popular steel band to run workshops in schools, run a fun workshop at a hen night or manage steel band team building activities.

Playing the steel pan is a lot of fun and we’re keen to share that experience! People of all ages and abilities love having a go at hitting a drum, but the opportunity to play a steel drum is an offer that takes their enthusiasm up to another level.

We can provide the opportunity to be interactive with our range of fun, educational, and inexpensive team building and workshop services. These we can tailor to suit any group of people irrespective of age or ability and indeed can prove to be particularly beneficial to those with disabilities and special needs.

All year round steel band performances

We’re not just a steel band that gets busy in the summer. We’re professionals and you can hire our steel band all year round. There are, however, times when we are busier than others and we tend to price our services accordingly.

In the summer we’re naturally very busy with weddings, company barbecues and other events where the ‘sunshine’ sound of steel bands is perenially popular. UK bookers such as wedding coordinators, corporate entertainment organisers, conference entertainment organisers and party planners clamour to book us in these months!

We also get a lot of interest in our steel band performing in the Black History month of October and, of course, in December we’re very busy with Christmas parties and Christmas Carol concerts. A demo of Solid Steel exclusively playing Christmas favourites is available on request!

We also often do some touring with our steel band, performing abroad in the Spring.

A steel band for Buckinghamshire

You can hire our steel band using musicians based nearest to Buckinghamshire. But we do also have associate steel pan players and other band members throughout the country. Several live in London, Manchester, Brighton, Oxford, Leeds and Birmingham.

This helps us provide a truly UK-wide service with a smaller carbon footprint whilst we drive all over the country playing our super-green oil drums- which are themselves wonderful adverts for recycling!

A truly mobile steel band nationwide

We perform anywhere and everywhere! We don’t only supply steel band hire to Buckinghamshire. Solid Steel is able to supply similar high quality steel drum musical performances throughout the country. For affordable prices, as well, because our steel band has associate members throughout the UK.

The best illustration of that is to provide you with lists of all the UK bookings we can verify that the band played for in 2019 as they happened:-

3-piece steel band bookings outside London

  • Firstly, The ICC in Birmingham hires our steel band.
  • Then Wentworth Golf Club in Surrey booked us, too.
  • Following that, one client in Southampton hired our steel drum musicians.
  • A 21st birthday party then hires our steel band in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
  • Subsequently, a bride in Bristol hires this steel band format.
  • In due time, The Aruba Bar & Restaurant in Bournemouth hired our steel band.
  • Then the Oatlands Park Hotel in Surrey hired our steel band.
  • Shortly after, our steel band hired out musicians for a River Cruise in Windsor.
  • Unsurprisingly, 3 of our musicians were hired out for England vs West Indies at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton.
  • Then a university in Kent hired our steel band.
  • Meanwhile a school in Surrey hires our steel band with a limbo dancer.
  • The Stourport Manor Hotel in Worcestershire hires one steel band.
  • Furthermore, a corporate event in Scotland hired our steel band incl. a PA & vocals.
  • Almost immediately our steel band was hired in Reading, Buckinghamshire.
  • Shortly after, a school in Essex hired our steel band.
  • Chepstow Racecourse subsequently hired our steel band.
  • Meanwhile the steel band was also hired for a wedding in High Wycombe, Bucks.
  • Dreamland in Margate, Kent hired our steel band players.
  • Afterwards, a pub in Essex hired the Solid Steel Electric Band.
  • Additionally, a wedding client hired our steel band for Bucks.
  • Finally, one nursery in Slough, Berks hired our steel band.

3-piece steel band bookings in London

  • The Royal Academy of Arts in London hired our strolling steel band.
  • A corporate event in Docklands hired our Caribbean steel band.
  • A radio show hired our steel band to play in a studio in Clerkenwell, London.
  • One corporate party in Greenwich hired Solid Steel with the band’s gazebo.
  • Another venue where our steel band was hired was the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, London.
  • There was a hire of our steel band for the Victory Service Club, Central London.
  • The Verandah in Park Lane, Mayfair, London hired this steel band format.
  • The Google Summer Party agreed to hire our steel band.
  • A Bingo Hall in Cricklewood decided to hire our steel drummers.
  • A Department Store in Streatham, London decided to hire our steel band.
  • Our steel band hired out musicians for a corporate event at Bankside in London.
  • One Costa Coffee in London hired an alfresco steel band set.
  • The Arab Bankers Association hired our steel band for an event in Central London.
  • An outdoor venue in Wandsworth, London hired our steel drums.
  • The Natural History Museum was a venue that hired our steel band for an event.
  • A Retail Park in Surrey Quays, London hired our steel band.
  • There was a corporate event at St Paul’s Cathedral which hired our steel band.
  • We hired out our steel band for a corporate event in Chiswick.
  • A Primary School in Hampstead hires our steel band musicians.
  • The Solid Steel Electric Trio was hired for the Chelsea Physic Garden.
  • The Electric Barge, Paddington, London hosted a party fand hired our steel band.
  • A Ticketmaster corporate event in London decided to hire our steel band.
  • One venue, Neverland, in London hired our steel band for a corporate client.

3-piece steel band bookings in Northern England

  • Firstly, a steel band hire for a wedding in Keswick, Cumbria took place.
  • Later, a Bar Mitzvah client in Manchester, Lancashire hires our steel band players with limbo dancers.
  • Eventually, an event in Yorkshire hired our steel band with vocals.
  • An International Cricket match at Headingley, Yorks hired our steel band.
  • One of our steel bands was hired for a wedding in Manchester, Lancashire in 2020.

Bookings for 2 steel drummers

  • One wedding client hired us as a steel drum duo in Beaconsfield, Bucks.
  • A hire of our all-acoustic steel band was made for a pub in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
  • Solid Steel hired out a band for a wedding in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.
  • An Academy hired two steel band tutors for Southampton, Hants.
  • A Cricket Club in Warnford, Hants hired our steel drum duo with vocals & a gazebo.
  • One steel band hire was for primary school workshops in Calverton, Notts.
  • Our band hired out a steel drum duo for John Lewis in Milton Keynes, Bucks.
  • Another primary school in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk hired our steel band players.
  • A primary school in Hatfield, Herts hired our steel band tutors.
  • The Royal Holloway University of London in Surrey hired our steel drummers.
  • A Prep School in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey hired our steel band teachers.
  • A corporate event organiser in Tadley, Hants thought fit to hire our steel band.
  • Solid Steel drummers were hired for a pub wedding reception in Addlestone, Surrey.
  • Stoll in Fulham, London hired two steel drummers.
  • One corporate event in Wickford, Essex hired musicians from our steel band.
  • An electric steel band was provided for a corporate event hire in Chelmsford, Essex.
  • Another corporate event in Chigwell, Essex hired our electric steel band’s players.
  • One hire of our steel drummers was for a corporate event in Southampton, Hants.
  • A Junior School in Ilford, Essex hired 2 tutors from our steel band.
  • A community event at Sadlers Wells Theatre proceeded to hire our steel band players.

Mobile steel drummer soloists hired

  • One Steel Pan Soloist was hired for Destinology in Wilmslow, Cheshire.
  • A Primary School in Chislehurst, Kent decided to hire one steel band tutor.
  • Another Primary School in Crouch End, N. London decided to also hire 1 steel band teacher.
  • A Steel Pan Soloist was hired for St. Martin in the Fields Courtyard, Central London.
  • One steel drummer was hired for Potters Fields Park, London.
  • Another client hired one of our Steel Pan Soloists for OPEN in Norwich, Norfolk.
  • A Primary School in Woolwich, London hired one of our steel band tutors.
  • Another Primary School in Greenwich, London hired another steel band tutor.
  • The National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham hired a steel drummer for a Travel Show.

Larger travelling steel bands and steel combos hired

  • Sir Steve McQueen hired our 10-piece steel band for a movie shoot in Notting Hill, London.
  • The Shrewsbury Flower Show, Shropshire hired our steel band for yet another year.
  • Warner Bros Studios in Herts hired five of our steel band for the 2021 ‘Tom & Jerry’ Movie.
  • Our 4-piece electric steel band incl a PA & vocals was hired in Leatherhead, Surrey.
  • A corporate event in the Gardens of Tower Of London saw fit to hire our 4-piece steel band.
  • Sir Steve McQueen hired 7 of our steel band for his 50th birthday party in London.
  • Sixt at the World Travel Market at ExCel, London hired our 4-piece steel band with our female singer.
  • The 4-piece steel combo (incl. drums & vocal PA) was hired for a wedding in Witney, Oxon.
  • The Atrium, London was the venue for a hire of our steel band musicians.
  • A private school in Finchley, London decided to hire our steel band players.
  • One hospital in Stanmore hired two members of our steel band.
  • A Junior School in Barnet, London hired our steel band for workshops.
  • The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine hired our steel drum duo.
  • An Infants School in NW London hired our steel drummers for an International Day.
  • A school in Highgate, London hired our steel band’s musicians.
  • Our steel band’s players were hired to stroll at a recording studio party in Chelsea, London.
  • ITV’s Good Morning Britain hired our steel band to play live in their London studio.
  • A London Heathrow hotel hired our steel band for an event.

A steel band with limbo and carnival dancers plus…!

Solid Steel is led by Paul Cherrie, as the flagship act of his management company, ‘Cherry Ripe Management’. This company manages many other tropical themed performers you can hire to complement your event. The most popular fun choices of these are Carnival Dancers and limbo dancers, but there are many more. Some of which live in or near Buckinghamshire, too. Please explore some options at www.tropical-ents.co.uk. We have a lot of experience in all things to do with Caribbean entertainment, naturally. So, we’ll always want to help you. We can even advise you on theming and catering if you care to ask us!