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Teaching steel drums or ‘pans’

Solid Steel’s musicians teach the steel pans/drums either in private face to face lessons or online to individuals. Most commonly they deliver steel drum workshops to groups:

  • Music workshops for both children & adults
  • Steel drum workshops for schools
  • Fun steel band workshops for events
  • Steel band team builds for corporate clients

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Steel band workshop in a Primary School

A steel drum workshop in a faith school

Steel band music workshops in schools

Our interactive ‘steel band workshops’ some people also call ‘steel pan workshops’ or ‘steel drum workshops’. They represent a fantastic opportunity for active learning with children taking part in a really fun activity!

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Corporate steel band workshop & team builds

Clients often invite us to provide fun steel drum workshops for adults in a corporate setting. Moreover, when our activity is part of a social event like a Family Fun Day we often perform as well. You might also require we provide a more serious and challenging type of workshop that is ideal as a corporate team build activity.

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England cricketers learn pan at a corporate event

What Our Clients Say

Anne Moseley of Somerset Bridge Primary School, Bridgwater

We had your two musicians for a school workshop today. I just wanted to let you know that they were absolutely amazing! I have spoken to all the teachers who attended each of their workshops and every single one said that the workshop was brilliant. Others said ‘those two guys got it just right, they were fantastic with the children’. Please thank them again from all the staff and children. We will definitely recommend you to others. Please use my comments on your website.

Eszter Mills of Formium Development Team Coaching, Enfield

Just wanted to say thank you very much for an excellent corporate development workshop session today. The team really enjoyed it, got a lot from it and sounded fantastic. Many thanks!

Sarah Whittaker of St Bernard’s Prep School, Slough, Middlesex

It was lovely to meet you and Mark at our school workshops yesterday, what a fantastic way to spend the morning! Thank you so much for making it such a good experience for the children– they loved it. Best Wishes.

Trisha Brown

I’m sorry that it has taken me a few days to get back to you!! I would like to pass on to you that the children loved it! They found it an amazing experience and thoroughly enjoyed listening to and playing the instruments. One child in Reception said to his teacher, after the assembly – ‘It was so peaceful’. Watching the joy and excitement on my classes’ faces when they were having a go was fantastic. It was a truly brilliant and new experience for the children. Thank you so much to you and Miguel.

Emma Claridge, Uxbridge

We booked the workshops for our Year 5 and 6 children and what a hit they were!! (No pun intended!) The children really enjoyed themselves; They were fantastic with them and the songs were being hummed all throughout the rest of the day. They even played the drums during lunchtime so that our Year 3 & 4 children had a touch of the experience. It was a fantastic day – thank you very much!

Laura, Brightlingsea Junior School, Essex

Solid Steel came all the way out to North Essex to teach our Year 6 pupils how to play the steel drums! Whenever I went to check how they were getting on, the children were bopping to the music (La Bamba) and having a great time. Great teachers, very calm and relaxed. I can’t recommend this experience enough. Absolutely excellent!

Stanley Primary School – Infants dept., Teddington

Thanks so much for your incredible performance on Thursday. It was brilliant as it was our annual Arts Week & the theme was ‘Global Trotters’. We thought you were all fantastic! We really enjoyed having you play at our school. The teachers & children loved it. So please thank all the other band members. You pitched it perfectly & you interacted brilliantly with the children. We look forward to having you again. Many thanks again.

Tanya & all the staff.

All at Dallington School, London, EC1

Thank you for the sound of summer – you were wonderful!

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Common steel drum workshops hire FAQs

Steel band & steel drum music workshops

We call them ‘steel band workshops’. We prefer this term as it immediately identifies the team ethic our teachers prefer. Nevertheless, people also call them ‘steel pan workshops’ or ‘steel drum workshops’.

Drumming of any kind is great for kids and schools can hire African or Indian drum workshops from us too. But the opportunity to play our tuned steel pans/drums is unique with the steel band workshops we offer.

The steel pan/drum is a unique instrument, because it is both a percussion instrument and it has notes with different pitches. Hence, our steel band workshop tutors can have children play them for the first time and produce something recognisable to their young ears. How we organise this very much depends on the numbers of children in a class and how much time is available.

Flexible steel drum workshop packages

We offer 2 basic music workshop formats- one where there are just one or two steel drum/pan tutors and at least 10 steel drums/pans and another where there are 3 or 4 steel band members who would just bring their own steel drums/pans to teach the kids on. The first steel drum workshop package is more suited to handling larger classes with little ‘performance’, as such, required from our tutors. The second package is more suited to higher quality assembly presentations including performances, but with smaller workshops. Nevertheless, we can tailor steel drum workshops to the specific requirements of each particular school. In other words, we can offer a lot of flexibility within each format.

Workshop steel pans for all

All the steel pans/drums must be provided by Solid Steel. Our workshops are inexpensive and represent great value for the benefits they bring- and we have a range of different packages to suit a range of budgets. We will also try and book the best teachers that are as local to you as possible to keep your costs down.

PGCE & DBS qualified steel drum teachers

Some of them have PGCE qualifications whilst most have learnt the performance and teaching skills from their experiences in the University of Life. All will have formal music theory knowledge that is at least equivalent to a Grade 5. We have full public liability insurance cover, of course. Furthermore, our talented and experienced tutors will show their DBS certification on their arrival, although we will always email it to you before.

Steel drum music workshops for all schools

We have provided workshops for Pre-schools, Primary schools with KS2 and KS3 students, SEN and Secondary schools and Extended Schools. Apart from teaching within the normal school day we have also played and run workshops for Inset Days, Parent and Child Creative Workshops, Summer Fetes, Fundraising events and International Evenings.

Music workshops for social development

Social We have great teachers who will enrich the curriculum of your pupils and promote the children’s social and emotional development by providing the right stimulus to conquer shyness and lack of assertiveness. In our steel band workshops the kids will gain an understanding and respect for other ethnicities and cultures to encourage them further to embrace cultural diversity. At the same time, we will improve their motivation for learning with a really fun activity.

Black History music workshops

We can conduct our steel band workshops with the correct social distancing etiquette throughout delivery. Furthermore, we can employ regular sanitisation in the sharing of instruments. So unless the authorities deem them unsafe, music workshops can and should still be available. During this pandemic we have seen the free world embrace the social principles of Black Lives Matter. Our black artists are fully committed and active in both performance and the delivery of their steel band workshops in the Black History month of October even more now than ever before.

Steel drum workshops for hen nights

You may have seen Solid Steel instructing the contestants in ‘The Generation Game’ to play the steel drum in a YouTube video of ours. The show’s BBC producers knew that playing a steel drum or ‘pan’ is a lot of fun. Then after they saw one of our artist’s entertaining music workshops, they paid us the compliment of inviting us on to one of their biggest Christmas specials! We do a lot of fun workshops for the likes of company barbecues and hen nights- and even on occasion for kids at long wedding receptions!

Steel band & steel drum music team builds

A regular steel band workshop demands that the tutors handle all of the instruction. However, our team building experience ensures that in these sessions work colleagues will have to learn from each other too. In so doing they will recognise the skills in each other that will best achieve the common goals that have been set for them.

Our experienced facilitators understand the different demands of organising team building effectively. This will, of course, depend upon the numbers of participants and the time you give us. We will, initially encourage groups to select leaders based on their suitability. Those, in turn, will help organise those colleagues who best suit the different skills of playing melody, harmony, bass and percussion.

In so doing, we’ll do our best to encourage a competitive spirit when the teams compete against each other. But we will always encourage bonding and camaraderie within the group. After all, when our clients learn to play a song together in a steel band with their colleagues it will be for many of them the greatest musical achievement they will ever achieve!

Steel drum music workshops & diversity

In the UK most companies embrace diversity of all kinds in their workforce. Our steel pan/drum musicians are great teachers who will help all the participants to gain an understanding and respect for other ethnicities and cultures to encourage them further to embrace cultural diversity and embrace the concept of teamwork! For those employees that are from an ethnic minority themselves- some of whom may feel there is a lack of representation at management level- a steel band team build will feel like a hug from the company to demonstrate how well it values them, individually.