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Steel drum & band hire for corporate & other events

Apart from weddings and workshops our steel drum & band hire services are suitable for numerous other events throughout a typical year that include:

  • Film & TV work (see us in a 2020 film here).
  • Caribbean-themed events.
  • Private parties like birthdays & anniversaries.
  • Indoor & outdoor corporate events.
  • Sporting events.
  • Seasonal events. eg. Christmas & festivals.

A steel band that plays all your Christmas favourites!

Steel drum & band hire for all seasonal bookings

We do try to stay busy throughout the calendar year, so we suggest clients book as early as possible! Even so, we like to oblige most of the time when we receive requests to perform at short notice!

January to March

In the early months when there are fewer events, we spend our time recording in our studio. We either do that or teach the steel drums in school workshops in the UK. Historically, our steel band has been lucky enough to have clients hire us to tour and perform abroad, also. Over the years the band has played extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Consequently, we have travelled to diverse destinations including Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Belgium, Capri, Djibouti, Dubai, France, Germany, Gran Canaria, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Monaco, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Spain, Syria, Tenerife and Tunisia. We love travelling and so we will always discount our regular domestic rates to compensate for foreign clients’ expenses.

April to September

In the Spring and Summer months we’re kept busy with mostly outdoor events in the UK playing our all-acoustic steel drums, because the ‘reliable sound of sunshine’ of our steel band has long been considered as almost mandatory by UK bookers such as wedding planners, corporate entertainment organisers and sporting event organisers to supply beautiful Caribbean music for weddings, company barbecues and corporate fun days for the staff and their families.

October to December

As summer turns to Autumn we also get a lot of interest in our steel band performing. Particularly in the Black History month of October. Performances then are often accompanied by workshops and often take place in schools, colleges and other educational establishments.

In early November during the Halloween / Guy Fawkes Bonfire / Diwali season we perform outside in cold weather. It’s good to show that we can raise people’s spirits even when the sun’s not shining! These sets may be shorter and we will most certainly ‘wrap up’ costume wise. However, we don’t flinch at braving the elements!

Then, of course, in December we’re very busy with Christmas parties and Christmas Carol concerts.

Most companies organise a Christmas party for their staff and Christmas in the Caribbean is a popular theme. We’re proud to say we received invitations to play at a carol concert for twelve consecutive years. This was flattering as it was at the famous St Martin-in-the-Fields church in Trafalgar Square. You can find some video clips of our steel band playing Christmas carols and songs there.

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Steel drum & band hire for parades, strolling & roaming

Many people best enjoy steel drums when an organisation hires our band as part of a carnival parade. ‘Steel drums’, ‘steel band’ and ‘carnival’ are inseparable concepts for them. A musical performance delivered by a band that’s mobile has potentially more impact. For that reason, we are in high demand as a steel band who can be the surprise element at conferences. But, playing like this, we’re just as much of a success at town parades, sporting events and the like.

Although we can play statically on a moving float, we more often receive requests to play wearing the steel pans. To clarify, we hang the steel drums around our necks using straps.  In this way we can stroll and roam in a style called ‘pan roun’ neck’ (authentic Trinidadian term alert!).

Our mobile Pan Roun’ Neck steel band for hire

The ‘pan roun’ neck’ method of playing involves the pan suspended on a strap from the neck of the player. It is the oldest, most authentic method of playing and loved by all.

There is video publicity showing a Solid Steel trio mix and mingle at Royal Ascot. We are seen playing and strolling through an enthralled crowd. When we entertain in this way, the cameras come out and there’s a smile on everyone’s face!

The ‘pan roun’ neck style of steel pan performance was first introduced to the UK by the Russ Henderson Trio. That band also included Max Cherrie and after him, Ralph Cherrie. Small wonder then that their sons Paul and Mark would so commit to keeping this art form alive. Which is good news for Solid Steel clients!

From balls to private parties to Notting Hill Carnival, everyone loved ‘pan roun’ neck’- and especially when players did tricks. For example, they used to extend a rope between two of the players and the third would limbo beneath it.

A ‘pan roun’ neck’ performance is a very niche performance nowadays. Only 1 in a 100 steel band players nowadays will have any experience of doing it. So, if you want a steel band that still offers a wow factor as a spectacle too, Solid Steel are one of only a handful of UK steel bands that can provide this.

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Roaming & parading at Ascot Races

Our steel band roaming & parading at Ascot Races

With the source of Reggae Reggae, Levi Roots

Steel drum & band hire for corporate events

Of course, it’s not just receptions at weddings where our steel drum & band services are hired. Our steel band has long been a popular choice as a reception band for corporate events organisers too.

So, for the most part organisers opt for the ‘unplugged’, acoustic variety of steel band of which Solid Steel excel in providing. We’ve performed for some of the biggest companies in the world as well as possibly some of the smallest. It’s been an honour- and we thank them all!

Our City of London steel band

Over the years, we have played for numerous banking and law firms. For instance, Metro Bank used us to promote the opening of 6 of their branches. Furthermore, recently Lloyd’s bank asked us to perform inside a branch in business hours- a first for us. The demands of playing outside the Metro banks was clearly to drum up business by grabbing the general public’s attention. So we played loudly. But playing inside Lloyd’s bank was a quite different remit. We needed to play at a level that still enabled cashiers and customers to have a conversation. The sensitivity of our musicianship allowed us to be successful at both events.

More recently the demand for our steel band to be more interactive with its audience has only enhanced our popularity. We now often carry extra steel drums and operate workshops for both adults and children at these corporate events and our team building and workshop experience really helps to make this a success.

In conclusion, event organisers who, of course, recognise the huge importance of high quality corporate hospitality and brand have entrusted us with enhancing their company’s good reputation.

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Steel drums & a band for hire to fill a dance floor!

Solid Steel’s musicians do like to show off their other instruments if it’s appropriate, however. As much as we love the acoustic steel trio line-up, it’s not always suitable. To explain, no other steel band and only a few wedding bands would offer greater flexibility in terms of size and format than us. So when you hire our steel drum & band services you are able to enjoy the Caribbean steel band format that is best fit for your purpose. This might mean that you’d even like to hire us to play sessions for dancing.

. There have been many times in the past when we’ve played as a steel trio, especially with vocals, when our audiences have danced to us. However, this is far from guaranteed and younger audiences especially find steel band trios too ‘light’ rhythmically and often prefer us to work with a bass guitar and a drummer in a bigger steel band (if ‘steel band’ is still the right name for you- we prefer ‘steel combo’!) with a heavier rhythm. We would always advise our clients to take this option if it suits their budget. Then we’re sure to pack the dance floor!
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Our steel combo at a charity event with Brian Lara

What Our Clients Say

Lorraine Barnes Burton, CEO, British Travel Awards, London

Solid Steel played at the British Travel Awards in front of an audience of the most senior professionals in the UK travel industry. They started the event with their upbeat music and dancers and really set the tone for what was a great night. A real success – thanks very much!

Kathy Jay of Burnham, Bucks

Dear Solid Steel Band, thank you so much for entertaining us at the party on Saturday. You were fantastic and everyone commented on how good you were.

Chelsea Parsons, Hatton Garden, London

Solid Steel Band played at our ‘Grey Matter Day’ agency evening event. We had a Caribbean themed evening and the music was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The music was very uplifting and got everyone in the mood for dancing!

Mary Staddon, Banstead, Surrey

Been meaning to email you to say the band were brilliant- THANK YOU. Will come back to you again!

David Hawkins, Leighton Buzzard, Bucks

The only way to describe Solid Steel is “Caribbean in Sound”. You brought our evening alive on Saturday night, adding that mystery ingredient that makes everyone smile and carries them on a wave of sunshine to an exotic place. My personal thanks for a wonderful performance that fulfilled our brief perfectly! Please can we have more of the same next year?

Bernard Jayasundera, Wimbledon, London

Many thanks for sending your combo to provide the music at Nina’s 60th birthday celebration. Both of us, as well as our friends really enjoyed the music. It made those of us of a “certain age” feel young again. Even the younger generation enjoyed the music; stuff they’ve never listened to before on their iPods. I’m sure they also enjoyed watching their “elders and betters” make a fool of themselves, dancing. We hadn’t planned on dancing, but the music was too infectious.

Wendy Fleckney of Price Bailey Chartered Accountants, UK, Norwich

Thanks for your wonderful performance at our anniversary function last Saturday, which played a very large part in ensuring that the event was as successful as it was.

Joceline Wild of Teleadapt, UK, Watford, Herts

Just a quick note to let you know what a great job you and your band did at our above corporate event recently. I was very impressed, both with the quality of the music, and the professionalism of Solid Steel.

2nd Northolt Scout Group, Russell Road, Northolt, Middx

Fantastic music played by three friendly characters. Certainly recommend them regardless of the function. They entertained us throughout our 75th Anniversary Wood End Show for the 2nd Northolt Scout Troop and this was one of the times that we could say that the music was enjoyed by all ages. Don’t hesitate – book them, we will definitely book them and recommend them to play again, even the music they played in between the sets was brilliant – faultless performance guys.

Bruce Kettle, Cirencester, Glos

Booked Solid Steel for my wife’s birthday party at our local pub. Had some apprehension about whether they would be reliable and punctual but everything was fine, the music was great and people in the village still talk about the evening. I’d recommend the group to anyone.

Charlie Jamieson (Our Kid Brother), London

Solid Steel provided the warmth as the first touchpoint at the Alexandra Palace entrance, immersing the consumer in the Caribbean theme of the event as soon as they arrived. Paul was very helpful in the lead up to the event, providing all the information required promptly so the process was easy and efficient. On the night, the band were incredibly popular, cheerful and added a credible Caribbean vibe. We would definitely recommend and use them again.

Gordon G Mackenzie of Ramada Renaissance Hotel, UAE.

On behalf of the Ramada Renaissance Hotel, Doha, I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for making the ‘Caribbean Nite BBQ’ a grand success.

See Our Band!

Some steel drum & band hire for events FAQs

A mobile steel band for hire that roams with drums

It’s important to note that the ‘pan roun’ neck’ method of playing the steel pan is the oldest. As such it is the most authentic method and loved by all. To clarify, it involves suspending a pan on a strap from the neck of each player. Because the origins of pan-playing lie in playing music in accompany Trinidad’s carnival, it was only natural that players developed a mobile method of pan playing that wasn’t restricted by a static pan stand. As a result pan roun’ neck was born.

Steel drum players could now follow the carnival, as a consequence. Added to that the players were able to interact with the crowd whilst playing and encourage audience participation.

Furthermore, ‘pan roun’ neck’ was perfect for busking. As a result, a few musicians in the ‘60s and ‘70s would busk in the South of France during August. Fortunately, it also allowed them to holiday with their families at the same time.

However, the pans that professionals play today are generally larger and heavier than before. This, to a large degree, explains why many modern pan players prefer to play on stands.

Mobile steel band impact performances

The first thing to remember is that most modern pan players prefer to play with their steel drums set up on on stands. This is largely because the pans that professionals play today are generally larger and heavier than before. This is mainly on account of the more modern look of steel drums in bands. Because of their chrome-plating they each can weigh as much as 15kgs.

Solid Steel, even so, will always happily be a band you can hire as a mobile steel band. Consequently, we will always parade or stroll with our steel drums. But for sound health and safety reasons we prefer to keep these sessions short. Nevertheless, so very sweet!

A steel band to hire for a carnival parade

A carnival float is a wonderful moving stage by which thousands of onlooking bystanders will have their attention grabbed by our expert steel band very visibly playing some super lively popular music in a calypso style. Therefore, playing steel pans whilst being driven on a carnival float is great fun for us and for the audience of bystanders watching us. Furthermore, our musicians always get a bit competitive with other floats and give lively performances whilst in a carnival procession! In this situation, we also keep the tempo of the music high to raise that energy even more!

The bigger local amateur steel bands with 20 or more band members are the more obvious candidates for the big city carnivals like London’s Notting Hill or the carnivals in Leeds and Manchester. Most usually, our steel drum & band services are hired for more provincial carnivals. This is often as a 4-piece or 5-piece steel band, but with a PA onboard the float to project our sound further.

Diversity in provincial UK carnivals

A carnival parade in the UK doesn’t feel truly multicultural, however, without steel drums and a steel band in it!

As a matter of fact, our steel band can be the ideal band to lead a procession with us using as many steel drum players as suits the size of your event. So we’re equally ideal for a large carnival procession, a small wedding procession or something in-between.

To further explain, when we walk with our drums we march in time to our own rhythm. We call this marching style ‘chipping’, because it is a marched foot shuffle to the music’s tempo. Consequently, this mobile way of playing our steel drums almost inevitably leads to our audience forming a conga line behind us!

A strolling & serenading steel band for hire

What’s more is our steel band offers great versatility when we stroll with the drums around our necks. To illustrate, we can weave our way through crowds and audiences providing the close-up experience that only mix and mingle entertainers can match whilst creating a carnival atmosphere. Consequently, there is naturally more interaction with our audience, who may choose to form a conga line but are just as likely to start to dance or even start to limbo! So, generally speaking, our band can be even more entertaining.

Our steel band has a lot of experience also of strolling as a trio in a small indoor environment like a restaurant and serenading diners- Mariachi-style. Because Solid Steel can sing as well as play we’re an even more suitable alternative to booking a Mariachi band than other strolling steel bands. We can therefore serenade people dining- moving from table to table playing and singing lilting Caribbean ballads such as ‘Yellow Bird’ and ‘Island In The Sun’, as a result. On account of this, we once gave this more intimate style of performance 6 nights a week for 3 months around the tables of the Tiki-style restaurant at the famous Sporting Club in Monte Carlo.

Moreover, street performances really look ‘street’ when a steel band is strolling or parading outside at street level. In other words, it looks like the authentic mix and mingle performance of street buskers and is ideal for high street performances to shoppers. In light of that, we often play sets at sporting events which rotate with those of a traditional jazz band.

A steel band for a surprise impact performance

Another key point is that the ‘surprise’ element of the arrival of Solid Steel with the steel pans around their necks has a big impact. Consequently, we’ve played at the presentation of the award of a free Caribbean holiday at many conferences in the past! Hence, Solid Steel will always welcome you hiring us as a mobile steel band that can parade in short sets!

Reasons to choose Solid Steel drum & band services for hire

Firstly, the versatility of instrumentation we can offer, secondly, the broad range of our repertoire and thirdly, our musicianship. These are the main reasons, therefore, to book Solid Steel over other professional steel bands. However, here are 10 others:-
  1. Reliable. Our steel band is reliable with our slogan being ‘the reliable sound of sunshine!’
  2. Authentic. The band is black British- but Solid Steel is truly authentic with a heritage that goes back to 1952.
  3. Traditional. We are often an all-steel band that understands traditional calypso music.
  4. Modern. Our ‘look’ is modern and we do cover modern pop songs too!
  5. Versatile. Solid Steel can feature in different formats. You can even hire us with vocalists- unlike most other all-steel drum bands.
  6. Professional. We are a professional musicians’ band (our pan players play another instrument as well). Hence, we’re not the cheapest- for good reason.
  7. Mobile. Solid Steel will travel any and everywhere to perform. So, as a result, wherever they roam they can also stroll ‘pan roun’ neck’!
  8. Experienced. Solid Steel is ideal for weddings at any stage- ceremony , receptions or wedding breakfast!
  9. Educational. Solid Steel offers a range of workshop packages either with or without a performance option.
  10. Accomplished. Solid Steel has recorded a CD which is available on Spotify.

A professional steel band for corporate event hire

Many of our past clients’ budgets for corporate entertainment may be far smaller following the pandemic of 2020. Furthermore, some may see expenditure in this area ‘unnecessary’ or ‘unhelpful’ in terms of their company’s public image. They couldn’t be more wrong! Entertaining our clients’ clients with uplifting happy tones of steel band music is the kind of mood-lifter this economy needs. Should you hire our steel drum & band services, we can provide the right background music to provide the ambience needed at a networking event for a company’s most valued employees and clients or create a party atmosphere that will grab everyone’s attention to a client’s brand at a launch event.

Corporate clients who have hired our steel band

Over the last 10 years we have performed successful engagements for:-

  • 1st Royal Anglian
  • 4 Com Ltd
  • Allen & Overy
  • Allied Domecq
  • Amazon
  • American Express
  • Anglia
  • Co-op
  • ANSA Elevators
  • Apex Conference & Events
  • Aramark Caterers
  • ASDA
  • Atkinson Bolton
  • Axell Wireless
  • Babcock & Brown
  • Bank of England
  • Barclays
  • Global Investments
  • BBC Worldwide
  • Boon Edam
  • British Red Cross
  • Broadgate Estates
  • Butterfield Bank
  • Cadbury UK
  • Canary Wharf Management
  • Canon
  • Capita
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • Charles Kendall Group
  • Center Parcs
  • Charles Russell LLP
  • Charles Wells Ltd
  • City Airport
  • Condé Nast Publications
  • Credit Suisse
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • Daiwa Securities
  • David Lloyd Leisure
  • Ernst & Young
  • Eurotunnel
  • Farrer & Co
  • Five Ten Group
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Glenlivet
  • Google
  • Grey Advertising Group
  • Guinness
  • Institute Of Actuaries
  • Investec
  • ITE Group
  • LDA Communications
  • LGN Wellbeing
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Malibu
  • Mazda Motors UK
  • Mercedes- Benz UK
  • Merlin Entertainments
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Metro Bank
  • Microsoft
  • MITIEG Group
  • Ogilvy & Mather
  • Pfizers
  • Pheonix Partners
  • Phoenix Equity Partners
  • Phyllis Court
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Reuters
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
  • Royal Thames Yacht Club
  • Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Schroders
  • Serco
  • Sheffield Haworth
  • Spirax-Sarco Ltd
  • Strutt & Parker
  • Toyota
  • Twitter
  • Unison
  • Virgin
  • Warner Bros

A steel band to hire for corporate venues

Nationwide, more and more wonderful venues have opened their doors to corporate hospitality business. As a result, competition has become fiercer and these venues have upped their game. Consequently, many offer truly excellent corporate hospitality services alongside their unique characteristics and charms. For example, a great corporate event can now take place in hotels, restaurants, art galleries, museums, roof gardens and sports stadia. And, of course, this is to name but a few. Sporting arenas aside, here are some of our favourite venues we’ve played in over the last 10 years, by and large:-

  • Anugraha Hotel Egham
  • NEC Arena, Birmingham
  • Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire
  • Brocket Hall, Hertfordshire
  • Cafe Royal, London
  • Celtic Manor, Wales
  • Chelsea Physic Garden, London
  • Chester Race Course, Cheshire
  • Claridge’s, London
  • Clearwell Castle, Gloucestershire
  • Coq d’Argent, London
  • Cowley Manor, Gloucestershire
  • Down Hall, Essex
  • Earls Court Arena, London
  • Gibson Hall, London
  • HAC, London
  • Highchere Castle, Berkshire
  • Kensington Palace, London
  • Kensington Roof Gardens, London
  • Kew Gardens, London
  • Knebworth House, Herts
  • Leeds Castle, Kent
  • London Zoo
  • Loseley Park, Surrey
  • Lowry Hotel, Manchester
  • Luton Hoo, Bedfordshire
  • Madame Tussaud’s, London
  • Millennium Dome, London
  • Natural History Museum, London
  • Northbrook Park, Surrey
  • Orsett Hall, Essex
  • Painshill Park, Surrey
  • Queens Eyot, Windsor
  • Rhinefield House, Hants
  • Sea Life Aquarium, London
  • Sheraton Hotel, Damascus, Syria
  • Sheraton Skyline, Heathrow
  • Sporting Club, Monte Carlo
  • Stockbrook Manor, Essex
  • Stoke Park Club, Berkshire
  • Syon Park, Middlesex
  • The Brewery, London
  • Dorchester, London
  • The Elvetham, Hampshire
  • Mall of The Emirates, Dubai
  • Tythe Barn, Oxfordshire