Coronavirus and live music how will the industry adapt

COVID-19 and Live Music: the way ahead for the gigging musician

Simon Spillett looks at the prospects for the gigging musician as Lockdown begins to ease Lockdown Muse Picture the scene. It’s June 2021 and two musicians bump into each other in the street. One is a modestly talented semi-professional whose performance prospects generally extend no further than the odd pub gig. The other is an […]

close shot of steel drums and a drummer

Panorama: Trinidad’s epic steel band contest – aren’t we all winners?

picture of two steel drums

Locals Brave Rain For School Steel Band Performance

The reputation of one school’s steel band is so high that locals turned out in full force last weekend to see the group perform, despite the wet weather. Members of the Whitmore High School Steel Band gave the performance of their lives at Pinner Memorial Park on Sunday (July 29th), This Is Local London reported. […]

steel drums classes

How Steel Drums Classes Can Benefit Growing Schools

When you head off to school, you have an opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument. You will, unsurprisingly, want to play the guitar and live out your dreams of becoming a rock star. However, it’s not necessarily impressive to learn an instrument that thousands of people can already play. Alternatively, you could […]

steel pan bands example

Steel Drums Herald Westminster Windrush Anniversary

There’s no more fitting sound to pay respect to the Windrush generation than a Caribbean steel band, and that’s what attendees of the thanksgiving service at Westminster Abbey were treated to in celebration of 70 years since the arrival of Caribbean migrants on the Empire Windrush ship. It’s been a controversial time for the government […]

steel band

Steel Band Features In Girls’ School Celebrations

An all-girls school in Wanstead has been celebrating its centenary with a host of activities and events, including a performance by a steel band for pupils and staff. The Ilford Recorder reported that St Joseph’s Convent School chose to celebrate its 100th anniversary by putting on a day full of fun activities for its current […]

primary school music

Pupils Enjoy Musical Month At Primary School

Although there’s a lot that has to be covered under the national curriculum, that doesn’t mean that primary schools can’t give pupils a chance for some extra, enriching experiences during their time at school. This is exactly what St Francis Catholic Primary School in Bradford did in May when it ran its month-long celebration of […]

steel band workshops

Calls For Schools To Focus On Music

A number of musicians and musical organisations have come together to urge schools not to give up on providing music education for youngsters. The BBC spoke to a number of people within the industry at the recent The Great Escape Festival, where band Wolf Alice said that if they hadn’t had access to music lessons […]

Solid Steel Band Wedding Music - with the bride

Steel Band To Greet Royal Wedding Guests

Steel Drum Wedding Music Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to hire a steel band playing steel drum wedding music, it is reported. The steel band will welcome guests at their festival and carnival-themed wedding after-party. The prince has specifically requested this kind of Caribbean music. The Mirror revealed what the couple have planned […]

steel pan band

Steel Pan and Band History

Steel Pan Band? There’s no better music that evokes sunshine than the intriguing and unique sound of a steel pan band. Many clients contact Solid Steel to enquire if we are available to play for their events. They often ask ‘is your steel pan band available to play at my wedding?’ But have you ever […]

Christmas music

What is the Best Era for Christmas Music?