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Pupils Enjoy Musical Month At Primary School

Although there’s a lot that has to be covered under the national curriculum, that doesn’t mean that primary schools can’t give pupils a chance for some extra, enriching experiences during their time at school.

This is exactly what St Francis Catholic Primary School in Bradford did in May when it ran its month-long celebration of music.

The Telegraph and Argus reported on what was organised last month, noting that children at the school had the opportunity to not only try playing different instruments but also to speak to musicians and find out more about their musical talents.

Among the events run by the primary school were Live for 5 video events, where different professional musicians had five minutes to explain their specialisms, as well as sessions where children could try different instruments, such as the trumpet.

Other highlights included concerts by a brass band and a string trio, giving pupils a chance to experience a range of musical styles.

They were also able to get involved themselves with a hymnathon and extra lunchtime music clubs throughout May.

Head at the school Andrea Haines said the month-long musical celebration had resulted in more children becoming interested in singing and music.

“I have seen the significant difference music and singing has made to the lives of children and adults,” she told the newspaper.

We think this is a great idea, and if you want to organise something similar at your school why not consider adding steel band workshops to the mix?

There have recently been calls from professional musicians for there to be a greater focus on music in schools, both primary and secondary, and this could be an excellent way to introduce more children to the varied instruments and musical styles out there.

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Calls For Schools To Focus On Music

A number of musicians and musical organisations have come together to urge schools not to give up on providing music education for youngsters.

The BBC spoke to a number of people within the industry at the recent The Great Escape Festival, where band Wolf Alice said that if they hadn’t had access to music lessons at school, as well as extra-curricular music sessions, they may not be where they are today.

Diane Widderson, from the Musicians’ Union, told the news provider that they are concerned that some schools appear to be dropping A-level and GCSE music from their curriculum because they don’t have enough students to run the courses, or because it is not a subject they’re judged on.

Getting children interested in music at an early age is part of fuelling their passion – and exposing youngsters to as many different kinds of music as possible is a great way to do this.

Offering steel band workshops at your school could open their eyes and ears to a whole new kind of music and get them to think about the possibilities when it comes to learning an instrument.

Earlier this month, the Guardian reported on a letter published in the Observer and written by all the former winners of the BBC’s Young Musician prize, in which they called for all primary-age children to be given the universal right to learn an instrument at no cost to them or their families.

“It is crucial to restore music’s place in children’s lives, not only with all the clear social and educational benefits, but showing them the joy of making and sharing music,” the letter stated.

Playing steel pans is a fun and sociable experience, so this could be a great way to share the joy of making music with students from all backgrounds and of all ages. Find out more!